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II.1The membership of Curl Northern Ontario shall consist of:

Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Curling Association
Northern Ontario Curling Association
Northwestern Ontario Curling Association
Northern Ontario Ladies Curling Association
Northwestern Ontario Ladies Curling Association

II.2The five Associations shall have equal power in all matters.

II.3The objects of Curl Northern Ontario are to promote the game of curling in Northern Ontario through competitions and otherwise; to deal with all matters that may affect three or more of the members; to foster co-operation and goodwill among the Associations; to co-ordinate and standardize such regulations and other matters that affect the Associations.

II.4.aThe Annual Meeting of Curl Northern Ontario shall be held during the
Curl Ontario Annual meeting held in June at a place determined by the Curl Ontario meeting..

II.4.bThe semi-annual meeting of Curl Northern Ontario shall be held at a time and
place at the call of the chair.

II.5Each Association shall appoint two voting delegates to the Annual Meeting who shall be:

1.The Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.
2.The President of the Association.

In the event that either one or both of the aforementioned is unable to attend, the Association shall delegate an alternate(s) of their choice to attend the Meeting.

Where one delegate only represents an Association, that delegate shall be permitted two (2) votes.
III.Host Association

For the purpose of scheduling and arranging the time and place for the annual meeting, the following rotation has been established:
2000 - T.&.N.O.C.A.
2001 -N.O.L.C.A.
2002 -N.W.O.C.A.
2003 - N.W.O.L.C.A.
2004 -N.O.C.A.

Duties of Host Association


The Secretary-Treasurer of the host Association shall ensure that within 30 days, each Association's Secretary-Treasurer shall receive no less than five (5) copies of the Minutes of the Annual Meeting.

Each Host Secretary-Treasurer shall provide:

(a)Facilities for the Annual Meeting.
(b)Minutes of the previous meeting.

III.2The Host Association shall provide the Chairman and the secretary for the Annual Meeting. The secretary shall not be the Secretary-Treasurer of the Host Association, but shall be a recording secretary hired for this specific purpose.

III.3The minutes of each annual meeting shall include the cycle of the Provincial Playdowns covering the present playdowns, the two previous and the three future.

III.4A Club desiring to move from the jurisdiction of one Association into another Association shall prepare a brief outlining the reasons for the change. The brief shall be forwarded to the Secretaries of all the Associations six (6) months prior to the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, the two Associations affected shall attempt to resolve the situation. If they are unable to agree, the third Association shall be permitted to act to effect a settlement.

III.5Any controversy as to Association membership of a newly formed Club shall be settled as in III.4 above.
IV.Annual Meeting

IV.1Order of Business

The order of business at any Annual Meeting of the Northern Ontario Curling Inter-Association shall be as follows:

(1)Chairman's remarks
(2)Introduction of Association delegates
(3)Introduction of visitors
(4)Minutes of the previous meeting
(5)Business arising from the minutes
(6)Reports of the Provincial Chairmen:

(a)The Provincial Junior Men's Curling Championship
(1998)(d)The Provincial Men's Curling Championship
(e)Hall of Fame (development and steering)

(7)New Business
(8)Alterations to the Agreement
(9)Confirmation of:

(a)Provincial Chairmen
(b)Playdown Sites and Dates

V.Provincial Chairman

V.1There shall be a Chairman of:

(a)Mixed Curling
(b)Junior Men's Curling
(c)Senior Curling
(d)Men's Curling
(e)Hall of Fame - Steering and Development
(f) N.O.C.I.A. Delegate

within the Inter-Association with the duties as hereinafter mentioned.

V.2The aforementioned Chairmen shall be appointed in rotation by their respective Associations as follows:



Junior Men'sN.O.C.A.N.W.O.C.A.T.&.N.O.C.A.


Hall of FameT.&.N.O.C.A.N.O.C.A.N.W.O.C.A.

N.O.C.I.A. DelegateN.O.C.A.N.W.O.C.A.T.&.N.O.C.A.

V.3Terms of Office

The Terms of Office of the Provincial Chairman shall run from July 1st of one year until June 30th, three years later.


VI.1Shall inform the Host Secretary-Treasurer of the Playdowns, with a copy to the Host Club, as to the names and other pertinent facts of the Association's representatives to the applicable Northern Ontario Playdowns.

VI.2Shall within 30 days of the Association's Annual Meeting, transmit to the other Associations, minutes of their Annual and other general Meetings of their respective Associations together with an organization chart which shall show the names and addresses of all Executive Officers of that Association plus member clubs, preferably divided into zones.

VI.3The Secretary-Treasurer of the Association holding the Provincial Men's Championship shall initially be responsible for all financial outlays accruing from the Inter-Association Agreement and each of the other Associations shall reimburse such expenditures within (30) days of the receipt of the invoices relating thereto.

VI.4Each Association Secretary-Treasurer shall, prior to the first day of November of each year, submit to the Men's Curling Chairman their schedule of playdowns leading to the Northern finals for his information and concurrence.

Men's Curling Chairman

VI.5The Men's Curling Chairman shall be the senior official in case of dispute in all matters relating to all Provincial Playdowns.

VI.6Shall confirm dates and locations of all Provincial Playdowns.

VI.7Shall ensure a Northern Ontario representative is at all C.C.A. sponsored national events.

VI.8Shall be responsible for all Northern Ontario pins and badges.

VI.9Shall act as Northern Ontario's representative on the Canadian Curling Association Championship Committee without cost to the Provincial Association. If unable to attend, will appoint one of the Northern Ontario C.C.A. delegates or executives from his Association to act in his place.

Hall of Fame Chairman

VI.10Shall act as Northern Ontario's representative on the Hall of Fame Steering and Development Committees.

VI.11He will accept nominations from the Associations for the Hall of Fame and shall act for the Association in all matters pertaining to this Body.

N.O.C.I.A. Delegate

VI.12Shall act as Northern Ontario's representative on the Canadian Curling Association Annual General Meeting without cost to the Provincial Association. If unable to attend, will appoint one of the Northern Ontario C.C.A. delegates or executives from his Association to act in his place.

VI.13Shall submit a written report to the Annual Meeting of the Northern Ontario Curling Inter-Association; such report will become part of the Minutes of that meeting.

Duties of other Provincial Chairman

VI.14Shall ensure that Northern Ontario has a legitimate representative team to the National Playdowns under his jurisdiction.

VI.15Shall submit a written report to the Annual Meeting of the Northern Ontario Curling Inter-Association; such report will become part of the Minutes of that meeting.

VI.16The Provincial Chairman or his proxy shall attend the Provincial Playdown under his jurisdiction to ensure that the event is properly conducted in accordance with Northern Ontario Curling Inter-Association and C.C.A. Rules and Policies.

VI.17Shall ensure that those responsible for National Playdowns be informed as to Northern Ontario's representatives.

VII.1The teams to represent Northern Ontario in the annual C.C.A. National Championship for the Men's competition, the Senior's competition, the Mixed competition and the Junior competition shall be the winners of the Northern Ontario Provincial Playdowns to be held between the Associations.

VII.2.aIn all of the Northern Ontario Provincial Playdowns, except the Men's Provincial Championship, there shall be a maximum of two (2) teams from each Association. If there are less than two teams, the vacant spot will be drawn as a bye.

VII.2.bFor the Men's Provincial championship, there shall be a maximum of nine
(1998)teams; each Association shall have three teams.

VII.3Associations hosting two Playdowns will arrange to have them played at
different sites, except in the case of Senior Men and Junior Men, which will be played at the same site as the Seniors Women and Junior Women.

VII.4Unless otherwise stated, C.C.A. Rules of Competition shall apply to all of the Playdowns

VII.5Provincial Finals for all events are to be held not later than the weekend three (3) weeks prior to the National Finals.

VII.6An additional end(s) shall be played if required to determine a winner. Extra ends shall be played in continuous rotation without missing any ends. When viewing is from one end only, stones shall be moved and played to the viewing end.

VII.7The requirements for holding a Playdown will be as follows:
(a)Artificial ice
(b)Four sheets of ice for Men's and Mixed
(c)Six sheets of ice for Senior Men and Senior Women which will be held at the same club at the same time
(d)Six sheets of ice for Juniors Men and Junior Women which will be held at the same club at the same time
(e)Matched rocks
(f )Lunch facilities should be provided at the rink

VII.8Competitions for Seniors, Juniors and Mixed shall be a single round-robin draw with the top two (2) teams advancing to a two-loss playdown.
(see N.O.C.I.A. Quick Facts for details)
Competition for the Provincial Men's Playdowns shall be a single round-robin draw with the top four (4) teams advancing to a page system play-off.
(see N.O.C.I.A. Quick Facts for details)

VII.9Practice ice is to be made available to teams prior to the start of the Competition.

VII.10Rotation of Playdowns

(Men & Women)(Men & Women)


VII.11The Free Guard Zone Rule as adopted by the C.C.A. Annual Meeting in June
1993 shall be used for all Provincial Playdowns.

VIIIDuties of Club Hosting Playdown(s)

VIII.1To inform all Associations of the relevant details of the playdowns.

VIII.2Arrange hotel or motel accommodations for teams and delegates.

VIII.3Provide first class ice and rocks.

VIII.4Provide local transportation for teams and delegates from accommodations to rink if required.

VIII.5To contact sponsor to assure prizes arrive a week in advance of playdowns and have trophies on hand for presentation.

VIII.6To provide the necessary umpire and officials for each draw.

VIII.7A banquet shall be provided for the participants and delegates. The cost shall be the responsibility of the Host Club, Host Association and Sponsor.

VIII.8The Club hosting the Provincial Tankard Playdowns shall pay to the Host
Association the sum of $1,000 as a hosting fee. Such fee to be paid to the Host Association no later than thirty (30) days after the completion of the competition.
IXShared Expenses

IX.1Each Association is responsible for the expenses of their Delegates to the Annual Meeting.

IX.2Each Association will share responsibility for the provision of blazer crests, back crests, pins and medallions, as shall from time to time be decided at the Annual Meeting.

IX.3Each Association shall contribute equal funds towards the expenses of a Northern Ontario - Ontario Social Function at the Canadian Curling Championship - The Labatt Brier.

IX.4The Inter-Association shall provide to the teams qualifying for the National playdowns the following:

(a)4 Blazer crests
(b)4 Back crests
(c)48 Northern Ontario pins (for Seniors, Mixed and Juniors)
(1995)52 Northern Ontario pins (for the Mixed)
(1995)(d)12 extra pins for the Provincial Junior and Men's Chairman, (if attending the Nationals) plus an additional 12 pins for the Junior coach.
(e)4 Winner's medallions
(f)One additional Blazer crest, Back crest and Winner's medallion will be provided for the Junior coach.

IX.5Northern Ontario pins be made available for special events or under special circumstances by action at the Inter-Association Meeting. They shall be made available to other individuals at a price determined by the Inter-Association.

IX.6 The official colours of Northern Ontario shall be gold with forest green accessories and all crests shall be designed to compliment this combination. Teams will outfit themselves in this manner.
XEligibility and Substitution


Eligibility to compete in the Northern Ontario Playdowns must be in accordance with the C.C.A. Rules as published in the C.C.A. Curling Rules unless an Association has rules which augment the C.C.A. rules.


X.2.aTo commence play in the competitions, each team must consist of four players.

X.2.bWhen the Association Secretary advises the Provincial Chairman of the names of the teams who will represent the Association in the Provincial Playdowns, and a valid reason exists for a substitute prior to the start of the playdowns, the Association secretary of the team involved shall notify the Provincial chairman the name of the substitute; however, the reason of the substitute must be approved by a majority vote of the three Association secretaries.

X.2.cRule #5 - (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) of the Canadian Curling Rules shall be applicable.

X.2.dAll players must conform to the C.C.A. eligibility rules outlined in the special rules section of the C.C.A. Curling Rule Book covering the various National events.

X.2.eShould a team be unable to ice more than two of it's original team members prior to the start of the Northern Ontario Playdowns, then that Association runner-up team will represent that Association involved.

X.2.fIn the event, after the start of the competition one or more players of a competing team are unable to continue play because of illness or other extenuating circumstances as is deemed reasonable by the Provincial Chairman, then a substitute or substitutes must be used.

X.2.gSuch substitute(s) will normally be selected by the skip from a pool of not less than six (6) players designated by the Host Club and the Provincial Chairman and the skip may select whoever he/she desires. A different substitute(s) may be selected for each game or at the skip's option, with the approval of the Provincial Chairman, the skip may select a member in good standing from his/her home Association.

X.2.hAny situation not covered above will be resolved by the Provincial Chairman.

XIJunior Men's Curling

XI.1The Northern Ontario Inter-Association Junior Men's Playdowns and business affairs shall be in accordance with this agreement. Any revisions, alterations will be considered at the Inter-Association Annual Meeting upon the recommendation of the Provincial Chairman.


XII.1This agreement supersedes all previous agreements and is effective at the
below noted signing date by the accredited delegates to the
1998 Semi-Annual Meeting.

XII.2It shall only be amended in any part upon a two-thirds majority vote at any subsequent Annual Meeting.

XII.3Signed on behalf of the three Northern Ontario Curling Associations:

Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Curling Association



Northern Ontario Curling Association



Northwestern Ontario Curling Association