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Kapuskasing Arena Conference Room

February 16, 2002 9:00 AM

PRESENT: Don MacLeod :Provincial Tankard Chair (NWOCA Vice-President), Peter MacCallum : NWOCA Secretary, Clyde Opaleychuk : NOCA Secretary, Joe Gubbels: T&NOCA Secretary, Bud O'Donnell: NOCA President, David MacInnes: T& NOCA President

Recording Secretary, Bill Volume,

The meeting was called to order by Host Association President Dave MacInnes at 9:10 am.

    Chairman Dave MacInnes thanked the Kapuskasing Curling Club for meeting facility. Association Delegates as listed in those present were introduced.
    Introduction of Visitor/guest: Maurice Stoyka
    Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

    Motion # 1
    Moved by Joe Gubbels, seconded by Peter MacCallum

    That the minutes of annual meeting of February 9, 2001 in North Bay be accepted.

    Business Arising from the minutes: none

  1. Reports of Provincial Chairman:

    1. The Juniors - North Bay
      No report.
      Clyde to contact Tom Coulterman re report as he was the Team Leader/Junior Rep.
      Some discussion as to the rationale why Bill Volume was selected to go to the National Juniors replacing Tom Coulterman, when Tom Clarke had been appointed Junior Rep for the NWOCA. Discussion on the proposed motion at the Brier re: Team Leader concept resulted in questions on funding and guidelines. Should be resolved after the Brier and at the Curl Ontario meeting in June.

    2. The Mixed - Thunder Bay
      No report.
      Dick Henderson looked after this Event. This was the first year of a transition year with the ladies. Kent MacInnes was the last Chairman. The rotation is to be looked into. Discussion as to letting the Host Association Chair be the Provincial Chair in that year and also be responsible for the report was mentioned. However, sponsorship plays a role here as the sponsor may wish to make contact with only one responsible person.

    3. The Labatt Tankard - Kapuskasing
      Prov. Tankard Chair Don MacLeod indicated it was well organized, good curling and that his report would be sent at the completion of the event.

    4. The Senior Men - North Bay
      No report.
      Association Chair Bob Hardy was recovering from a heart attack and did not attend. Someone from the host site will be contacted to submit a report.

    5. Hall of Fame
      Under lock and key somewhere in Kitchener.

  2. New Business:

    1. Alterations to the Agreement
      Joe to expand on the responsibilities of the Provincial Chairs or their proxys and circulate this to the inter-association delegates in advance of the June Curl Ontario meeting.

    2. Confirmation of Playdown Sites:
    3. The Juniors: Fort William Curling Club - January 9-11, 2003

      The Mixed: Location in T&NOCA (not confirmed) - Mar. 27-29, 2003

      The Labatt Tankard: Port Arthur Curling Club - Feb. 3-8, 2003

      The Seniors: Location in T&NOCA (not confirmed) - Dec. 19-21, 2002

    4. Draw times for Provincial Juniors:
    5. Motion # 2
      Moved by Peter MacCallum, seconded by Clyde Opaleychuk
      That the Provincial Junior Men's Playdown Draw be two draws on Thursday, two on Friday etc. etc.

    6. Provincial Masters:
      A letter from Dick Anderson looking for the sanction of the Provincial body to enable them to approach the CCA to establish a National Masters event was read.

      Motion # 3
      Moved by Don MacLeod, seconded by Joe Gubbels
      That we endorse the principle of a Masters Event and that the Anderson group be directed to present a proposal of a possible organization by May 1, 2002.

    7. Motion # 4
      Moved by Don MacLeod, seconded by Joe Gubbels

      That we endorse the nomination of Peter MacCallum to run for the C.C.A. Board of Directors.

    8. An Advertising Handout from Labatts was distributed indicating the National and Northern Ontario Events that they help sponsor.

    9. Melville Banner:
      To be paid according to previous year's motion.

    10. Notice of Consideration:
      Bud O'Donnell raised his concern for the Sec./Treas. of Associations to be able to attend/welcomed at the CCA Brier/Scott/President's Meetings. It was noted that Peter MacCallum and Joyce Gilmor will be our delegates at Brier this year.

      Clyde Opaleychuk asked the question- How much did Ottawa Brier lose?

    11. Joe Gubbels indicated that the McIntyre Curling Club was interested in bidding for the National Mixed in 2004 and was seeking the endorsement of the Association. Instructed to get the endorsement of the Club President, the Association President and then the Inter-Association President.

      It was also learned that the NWOCA & NWOLCA are interested in hosting the Scott Tournament of Hearts in 2004 or later.

    12. Motion # 5
      Moved by Clyde Opaleychuk, seconded by Peter MacCallum
      That the Northern Ontario Inter- Association change it's name to

    13. Motion # 6
      Moved by Clyde Opleychuk, seconded by Don MacLeod
      That we express our thanks to the T&NOCA, the Kapuskasing Curling Club and the committee for hosting this event.

      Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 AM


      Bill Volume, secretary

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